Why Use Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are different from regular marijuana seeds. They exist because of the desire of some marijuana growers to ensure that a female marijuana plant would emerge from their marijuana seeds. The process of making feminized marijuana seeds encompasses tweaking the inherent chromosomes of the seeds to two chromosomes which yields to a female

What is the Safest Way to Buy Marijuana?

What are the online payment methods? There are a number of payment methods that are developed to help people be able to purchase merchandises online. Most marijuana seed companies that sell online commonly employ credit cards, cash via mail and bitcoins. But how do these different payment methods differ from each other?

Are Auto-flowering Seeds Better for Beginners?

Auto-flowering marijuana seeds are one kind of marijuana seeds that are made to grow flowers faster than the regular marijuana seed. For auto-flowering marijuana seeds, flowering will occur earlier than expected from the normal growth cycle of a marijuana plant. Compared to other marijuana seeds, auto-flowering marijuana seeds can grow regardless of the amount of

Countries Where Marijuana is Legal

Because of the reputation of marijuana as an addictive drug, many countries does not allow its cultivation and use. Thanks to recent studies conducted by various researchers, marijuana got a comeback. It has been already used many years ago as an herbal medicine. This has only been recognized and further promoted recently because of the