Why Use Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

cannabis-bulk-seeds-LRGFeminized marijuana seeds are different from regular marijuana seeds. They exist because of the desire of some marijuana growers to ensure that a female marijuana plant would emerge from their marijuana seeds. The process of making feminized marijuana seeds encompasses tweaking the inherent chromosomes of the seeds to two chromosomes which yields to a female plant 99.99% of the time. So why then should you use feminized marijuana seeds?

High quality cannabis strains

Female marijuana plants are identified to give strains with consistent and fine quality. These seeds are claimed to be organically grown that reliably passes the quality check in the process. Some of these seeds are associated to medicinal uses which showcases the package. Moreover what has been more fascinating is that banks usually banner seeds in cheap prices and large markdowns.

Short flowering period and easier maintenance

Regular autoflowering marijuana seeds need relatively a little amount of time to develop. Within just about 60-70 days or 8-10 weeks, you can reap the harvest in time and enjoy the pleasure. You can expect flowering at an early period of 3 weeks already. Moreover, this variety of seeds require a rather easier way of maintenance such as basic needs of light, water and nutrients. With that ample time and effort, imagine what you can have in a few years’ time.

Plants tend to stay small

Genetically modified plants are identified to have short stems to minimize the utilization of nutrients and maximize the development of the useful parts. Similarly, these cannabis seeds mature to “dwarf plants” which can be simply placed in small spaces like balconies, windows, lawns or gardens. Feminised seeds commonly propagate from 12 to 23 inches (30-60 centimeters) tall only. This is convenient for small-scale growers who want to limit their yield and exploit their resources. By the same token, not only are they appropriate for indoor growth, but as well suitable for outdoor growth.

Wide assortment

Since these are scientifically derived, an extensive selection of autoflowering varieties can be explored from top-selling companies. Surely, you can be overwhelmed with a number of hybrids that you can try and taste. This includes AK-47 hailed as a legendary strain that is attested to several positive claims already. AK-47 has been available to the market in the form of feminized seeds since last year. Since female seeds are more viable for harvest, multiple yields are also anticipated from the start of its seeding that is advantageous for farmers and suppliers. Ensuring a viable seed eliminates waste of time and effort in cross-breeding strains and weeding out male florae that may sprout in the future. Moreover, it saves as well the space allotted for female plants rather than the futile male plants.

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