Why are Female Marijuana Plants in Demand Compared to Male Marijuana Plants?

194634d1216148249-outdoor-marijuana-grow-2008-dscn50081When you purchase marijuana seeds, the gender of the plant that it will grow into is not yet identified. It will only manifest when the plant has fully grown. If you’re purpose of growing is for breeding or to sell marijuana seeds, gender should not be problem. You will need both male and female marijuana plants to be able to breed, obtain marijuana seeds and grow more marijuana plants. But if you plant to grow to sell buds, well, you would want to have more of the female marijuana plant than the male. But what is the difference between a male and female marijuana plant?

Female Marijuana Plant

A characteristic feature of a female marijuana plant is its pear-shaped ball, which is known as the calyx that grows where the leaf stems join the main stem. The calyx will grow V-shaped hairs. Also, one way to identify a female plant is its height. Female marijuana plants do not grow very tall. You must be very patient when you want to determine the gender of your plant. The flowering may happen after two weeks of full flowering light.

Male Marijuana Plant

You will know when your marijuana plant is male when you see buds or little balls growing in your plant. Male marijuana plants does not grow white V-shaped hairs from the bud. Also, the male plant is taller than the female marijuana plant. So, just by comparing the height might help you identify the gender of your marijuana plant. Male marijuana plants also tends to have more irregular branching and fewer leaves.

So, why are female marijuana plants in demand?

It is because female marijuana plants produces the buds that are used for consumption. When the female marijuana plant is not pollinated by a male marijuana plant, it produces THC in the flowers and buds. If it is already ready for harvest and further processing, you will have your finished product. Since most of the people who grow marijuana would either grow for personal use or to sell, female marijuana plants are preferable to have than male marijuana plants. That is why, feminized marijuana seeds are made to cater to the problem of not knowing the gender of your plant up until the flowering stage. Feminized seeds are genetically altered seeds that would no doubt grow a female marijuana plant. But male marijuana plants is not totally useless. Where would you get marijuana seeds without them? Male marijuana plants are used to grow more marijuana plants. But if you are talking about buds for smoking, female marijuana plants are more in demand.

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