What Happens if Marijuana Becomes Legal in the Whole World

5396653671_90a1883f31_z_largeWhat if marijuana is legal around the world? What if it is being treated like alcohol is now? How would the world look like then? What difference would it make? Here are several scenarios that can be possible when marijuana can indeed be legalized in the whole world.

Effect on recreational and medical uses

When marijuana is legalized, users would no longer feel the need to hide that they are using it. For some people, they would not be ashamed for using marijuana for recreational purposes. Just like alcohol, some people use it to relieve stress and they wouldn’t have to hide anymore. Also, being a plant that has many positive medicinal attributes, people who use it for medical purposes do not have to be ashamed that they are treating themselves with marijuana either.

The number of criminal cases will decrease

Since marijuana has been banned for several years, there are many cases of marijuana smokers or dealers being caught and being tried in court. If it is to be legalized, there would not be any cases regarding marijuana anymore and those cases that are more crucial and relevant will be given more priority.

More people will be benefitted financially

If marijuana is to be legalized worldwide, it is a hundred percent sure that more people will gain more jobs and many countries will earn more from trading and export of marijuana. In the present day where marijuana is not legalized in the most part of the world, only several countries are benefitted of the income that come from marijuana farming and export. Aside, from it not being legal in most countries, another reason is that only these countries such as Mexico and Colombia are able to export marijuana due to the diminished demand because of its legality. But if it legalized worldwide, more countries, especially developing ones that are in the tropical area will benefit. Leading to more jobs and boosted economies.

More and more people can enjoy smoking it

If indeed marijuana will be legalized worldwide, the immediate result could be that marijuana smokers will increase. This is because the shame and prejudice of using marijuana will decrease over time as it is gradually being accepted as a norm in society. Therefore more people, especially once who are not using it right now due to the fear of being caught or fear of being judged, will be benefitted from its medicinal and relaxing properties.

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