What are The Uses of Male Marijuana Plants?

clemmies_boyMany might think that only female marijuana plants are of use. Well, if you are growing marijuana for the purpose of selling marijuana for consumption then that might be the case. As for those who are looking to produce seeds or to breed more marijuana plants, male marijuana plants are of use to them. That is why there is just feminized marijuana seeds in order to make sure that female plants grow from the seed and there are no chances for a male marijuana plant to grow. But these marijuana seeds are more expensive than the regular marijuana seeds. Could you say then that male marijuana plants have no use? Male marijuana plants have some use. Here are some of those uses that you can do if you end up with male marijuana plants.

Male Marijuana Plant

Before going into the uses of male marijuana plants, here are some of the characteristics of a male marijuana plant. You will know when your marijuana plant is male when you see buds or little balls growing in your plant. Male marijuana plants does not grow white V-shaped hairs from the bud. Also, the male plant is taller than the female marijuana plant. So, just by comparing the height might help you identify the gender of your marijuana plant. Male marijuana plants also tends to have more irregular branching and fewer leaves.

Uses of Male Marijuana Plants

  • Male marijuana plants are used for breeding and producing marijuana seeds. The male marijuana pollen will pollinate the female marijuana plant to produce marijuana seeds. If the female marijuana plant is not pollinated, this is when THC will be produced further in the flower and buds of the female marijuana plant. This is one of the reasons why as much as possible, you keep your male marijuana plants away from your female plants if you don’t want them to be pollinated.

  • They can still be used for smoking. Although they may have lower THC content than female marijuana plants, they still contain THC. Some of the male marijuana plants can be mixed with the female marijuana harvests to increase the THC potency of the marijuana product that you will sell.

  • They can be used to make marijuana juice. Though there is not enough evidence that such process of juicing works, some studies show that cannabinoids in acidic form have medical benefits.

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