Purple Haze

392780Lineage: Haze X Purple Thai

Flowering Time: 63 days

Height: 110 – 150 cm

Yield: 400 – 500 g/m2

Growing Difficulty: Easy

This is one of the most popular hybrids that came from crossing Haze and Purple Thai. It taste and smell like a sativa breed and can produce buds that are purple in color with orange specks. The strain also has a grassy flavored smoke that can provide you a euphoric and cerebral effect that can make you feel alert and creative. You can experience the effects right away and enjoy soaring high.

It can have the same effects as the Haze strain that can provide you a rush of energy. It is often used in treating mood disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression. People who are experiencing eating disorders can take advantage of the strain because it can induce appetite. This can also treat muscle tension and perfect if you are planning to partake in leisure activities.

It is easy to grow the strain and is suitable to places with sunny and Mediterranean climate. You don’t have to bother with the short height of the strain because it can provide you a great amount of yields. Novices can try growing the strain as long as they know the basic needs of cultivating marijuana. It can also be grown indoor using hydroponics and grow light setups.


It can provide a cerebral effect that will keep you awake and creative.

It can deliver a burst of euphoria that can take you to a psychedelic peak.

Its powerful effects will take place right away and will make you feel like you are soaring.

Medical Attributes:

Because of the intense high that the strain can produce, it is used in treating physical pains like arthritis.

It can also help people who are suffering from mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

It can be used in treating muscle tension and a great choice for recreational use.

The intense physical and mental high of the strain makes it effective in dealing with pain.


The strain can cause negative effects like dry mouth and dry eyes.

Some users also experience dizziness and paranoia.

Growing Purple Haze Tips:

  • It is an ideal strain to be grown in places with sunny or Mediterranean climate.

  • Cold temperature gives the strain its dark green, purple, and lavender colors for the buds.

  • The plant doesn’t grow very high but can provide excellent yields with a flowering time of 8 – 9 weeks.

  • If you will leave the strain in lower temperature, you can expect that it will appear in shades of violet or blue.

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