Northern Lights

northern-lights-medicinal-marijuanaLineage: Afghani X Skunk No.1 X Haze

Flowering Time: 45 – 50 days

Height: 100 – 120 cm

Yield: 400-500g/m²

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

The strain is derived from crossing Afghani, Skunk No.1, and Haze in the late 1970s in Seattle Washington and was later on propagated in Holland. This is a small plant that produces plenty of resins that is beautiful to look at. It produces dense and compact buds coated with frosted trichomes that emit a pungent, sweet, and spicy aroma. You will sometimes see the strain in hues of purple.

When smoking the strain, you will feel an intense body buzz with an overwhelming cerebral effect. Inhaling the smoke will give you a sweet and citrus flavor. Though the smoke is smooth, you will also experience coughing when having larger hits. It is perfect for nighttime use because of its strong effects when your body needs total relaxation. The high can last for 2 to 3 hours where you feel lazy and stuck in a corner.

It is best that you grow the strain indoor either in soil or hydroponics. It is a perfect strain for Sea of Green (SOG) setup that will flower from 6 to 8 weeks. If ever that you wanted to grow the strain outdoor, then it is essential that you provide it with a warm temperature suitable to places having such climate.

Beginners can think of growing the strain because it is not that difficult to manage and can provide you dependable results. It is also popular to commercial growers because of its potency and yields and is one of the favorites of cannabis smokers.


It gives a couch-lock effect that makes you feel comfortable and lazy.

It has a powerful body effect with a mix of euphoria and physical rest.

It has psychoactive effects that will relax your muscles and put you in a dreamy euphoria.

Medical Attributes:

It makes users feel lazy that can give them time to relieve pain and fall asleep.

It can help relax he muscles and soothes the mind with a euphoric feeling.

Because it provides a mellow effect, it is suitable to people who are suffering from depression and stress.


Cottonmouth and red eyes are the common side effects of using the strain.

Growing Northern Lights Tips:

  • You can grow the strain indoors by using soil and hydro mediums.

  • The strain needs a warm climate when growing it outdoor.

  • It is best that you grow the strain in multi-branch.

  • You can expect maximum results if you will provide it with moderate to heavy nutrients.

  • It can produce 400-500g/m² yields.

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