Maui Waui

mauieLineage: Hawaiian Sativa

Flowering Time: 55 – 65 days

Height: 175 cm

Yield: 400 – 500 g/m2

Growing Difficulty: Easy

The strain originated in the island of Maui and was then spread out in the Hawaiian islands. The strain is color light green to a darker green that contains dark orange pistils. You will also notice the trichomes but not as frosty compared to other strains. It has a subtle and fruity aroma but not overpowering instead it is pleasant with bright and tropical scent. It also smells like a mango with a hint of pine and lime.

You will experience a mellow smoke that can provide you a euphoric and uplifting sativa high. Users feel happy, energetic, and creative after using the strain thus making it perfect if you want to go out and do lots of activities. It can put your mind and body in full relaxation but will not stop you from functioning. Some even feel hungry because of the strain making it suitable when dealing with eating disorders like anorexia. The cerebral effects of the strain help people overcome fatigue and depression.

The strain is not that difficult to grow as long as you can provide it with enough light and proper nutrients. It will not also be affected by pests, molds, and mildews which is an advantage for novice growers.


The strain can make you feel happy, creative, and full of energy which is perfect if you have lots of things to do or when participating in outdoor activities.

It can provide an immediate buzz wherein you might experience numbing and tingly feeling in the face.

It has a very uplifting high that can also provide mental clarity and euphoria.

It offers a clear-headed cerebral high that will energize your body.

It is an excellent wake and bake strain that will surely make you crave for more foods.

You will experience a mellow and calming effect for both mind and body.

Medical Attributes:

Because of its Indica properties, the strain can be used in relieving chronic pain and aches as well as migraines.

It can stimulate appetite suitable to people who are experiencing eating disorders like anorexia.

It is an effective mood enhancer that can also improve your creativity.

With its cerebral effects, the strain is good for people who are dealing with fatigue and depression.


Users can experience dry mouth and dry eyes as well as paranoia.

Growing Maui Waui Tips:

  • Growing the strain where it can get sufficient amount of light will surely provide you with excellent yields.

  • The strain is resistant to pests, molds, and mildews and can grow well in places with a tropical climate.

  • When growing it indoors, you are required to use soil that is rich with nutrients.

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