potaLineage: Skunk #1 X Mazar

Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks

Height: 50 – 100 cm

Yield: 600 g/m2

Growing Difficulty: Easy

The strain gets its name for the effects that it can give because of having a high level of THC. This is the result of crossing Skunk #1 and Mazar. It has a sweet scent musky tones and with and chestnut and pine flavor. It can reach a medium height and light green in color that slowly darkens as the plant matures. It can produce compact buds that contain plenty of orange hairs.

The effect of the strain is euphoric and psychoactive so it is advisable that inexperienced smokers should use it with care. It can possibly confuse the mind and can make the users feel mentally trapped. It can make you feel creative that you wanted to socialize. You can expect to feel the effects for more than an hour.

People can use the strain in dealing with pains and aches. This can also ease depression, anxiety, and stress which are common problems of people these days. If you are having troubles with your appetite and you need a boost, using the strain can be a good idea. This can also help you fight insomnia and enjoy having a restful sleep.

This is easy to grow strain that can thrive indoors and outdoors. You can consider using Sea of Green method when growing the strain indoors. But if you want to grow it outdoors, you have to make sure that the plant can get sufficient amount of light in a sheltered area.


It has an upbeat sense of happiness that can confuse the mind and leave them mentally stuck.

Users feel more creative and social despite its cerebral stimulation.

It has the common indica effects that can numb the body for an hour or two.

The hit is euphoric and psychoactive which means inexperienced users should use it with caution.

Medical Attributes:

It can relieve mild to moderate pains and aches.

It can help people deal with depression, stress, and anxiety.

This can also be an effective treatment for insomnia and other sleeping problems.

The strain can be used in alleviating poor appetite and other eating disorders.


The strain can cause cotton mouth and dry eyes as well as dizziness, headaches, and mild paranoia.

Growing LSD Tips:

  • This is a good strain for first-time growers because it is easy to grow and is also resistant to diseases.

  • It can be cultivated for both indoor and outdoor environment.

  • It has a long flowering period and can produce a yield of 600 g/m2.

  • It is suitable for Sea of Green growing that can flower for 8 to 9 weeks.

  • It can thrive well outdoors when placed in a sheltered area where it can get plenty of sunlight.

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