Lemon Kush

Lemon-OG-Kush-800x800Lineage: Afghani X South American X Lemon G X Master Kush

Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

Height: 100 – 130 cm

Yield: 450 – 500 g/m2

Growing Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

With the name of the strain, you will surely have an idea that this can provide a strong lemon scent and flavor with an earthy fresh and sweet hint from its small nugs. It has dense and frosted buds that can provide a long-lasting potent indica-dominant strain.

The strain can provide a strong sedative effect with a cerebral stimulation that prevents the users from experiencing couch-lock. It is perfect that you use it during the day because it will make you feel uplifted which is a good idea of starting your day that can also increase your creativity and motivation making you more productive at work.

People use the strain in getting rid of pain and stress. It can also keep people away from acquiring cancer by boosting the production of an essential enzyme. If you are dealing with anorexia, then this strain might be good for you because it can induce appetite.

If you are planning to grow the strain, it is best that you place it outdoors with a cool climate. However, if you want growing it indoors, then you have to provide it with proper nutrients and organic soil as well as sufficient amount of light and water.


It provides a heavy mental high followed by an uplifting effect suitable for daytime use.

It creates a cerebral high with an earthly relaxing calm that can enhance creativity.

It gives a strong body high that can result to couch-lock and laziness.

Users can experience a considerable mind high that is said to be psychedelic.

It increases your energy and will keep you motivated.

Medical Attributes:

It works effectively in relieving pain.

It can be used when combating stress and can also provoke creativity.

It can increase appetite making it suitable to those people who are dealing with eating disorders like anorexia.

They have found out that the strain boosts the production of a certain enzyme in the liver that can help in fighting cancer.


The use of the strain can cause dry mouth and dry eyes.

Some also experience paranoia, dizziness, and occasional headache.

Growing Lemon Kush Tips:

  • It has medium to high resistance to powdery mildew and botrytis.

  • It is suitable to an outdoor environment with temperate and cool climate.

  • It will require organic soil and proper nutrients when grown indoors.

  • Despite the fact that it is easy to grow, it is still considerable that you provide it with the right soil, water, light, and fertilizer.

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