Island Sweet Skunk

BC_Bud_Depot_Sweet_Island_Skunk_1024x1024Lineage: Skunk #1 X unknown sativa

Flowering Time: 53 days

Height: 7 – 12 feet

Yield: 500 – 750 g/m2

Growing Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

This strain was made by combining Skunk #1 to an unknown sativa and was developed in Vancouver Island. It has an earthy and green herbs scent with a hint of citrus and sweet spices. The plant can grow straight and tall indoors and can reach the height of more than 3 meters when placed outdoors. The leaves have long fingers and are pale green in color. It has elongated fluffy buds that are covered with gold hairs. It can reach a THC level of 21 percent.

Smoking the strain can provide an active high that will not put you into couch-lock. It will make you feel energetic, creative, and focused suitable for daytime use. People can use it to relieve mood disorders like stress, depression and anxiety. It can also help in managing pain as well as in combating with anorexia and other eating disorders. Cancer patients will also find this strain helpful.

In order to get excellent yields from growing the strain, providing it with proper air circulation is an advantage. It is necessary that you clear out the lower branches to allow the flow of air. When grown outdoors, it will require a temperature between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit while having 50 % humidity.


The effects of the strain can increase focus and creativity.

At first, you will experience an upbeat high that is followed by a soft body buzz.

It can provide an active high that will not cause couch-lock.

Users can feel a soaring high that makes them active.

The clear-headed effects of the strain make it suitable for daytime use.

It provides a buzzing and energetic high to the users.

Medical Attributes:

It encourages good mood thus helping people cope up with stress, anxiety, and depression.

It can be used to stimulate appetite needed by people who are suffering from eating disorders.

It can alleviate the effects of chemotherapy.

It can relieve the pain that is caused by headaches, nerve, and muscles.


The strain can cause dry mouth and dry eyes to the users.

Growing Island Sweet Skunk Tips:

  • It can provide best results when provided with excellent air circulation.

  • It is advisable that you clear the lower branches to improve circulation.

  • It requires a temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and with a humidity of 50 percent.

  • It can grow well outdoors and in greenhouses because of its height and space it requires.

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