Green Crack

Green-CrackLineage: Skunk #1 x [Blue Cheese x Korean Skunk]

Flowering Time: 7 – 9 weeks

Height: 60-90 cm

Yield: 450-500 per square meter when grown indoor

Growing Difficulty: Easy

The strain was introduced over two decades ago and becoming popular to different places because of its medical properties. It was first named as “Crush” and was eventually renamed by Snoop Dog because of the need to take more hits of the bud.

The buds are light green in color that has orange hairs. It also contains sticky crystals that can reach a THC level up to 19.1 %. It has a citrus scent with sweet and smooth flavor giving you a lemon aftertaste. When you smoke the strain, you will experience an uplifting high that will keep you alert and awake making it a perfect strain for daytime use.

If you are planning to grow the strain, it is best that you place it indoor by using soil or hydroponics mediums. However, the strain can also grow taller in an outdoor environment if it is left with its own devices. When growing them outdoor, you have to make sure that the climate is warm.

The strain also has medical properties and is usually recommended to people who are suffering from mental disorders like depression, stress, anxiety, and migraine. Because it makes you feel awake and energetic, it is a good idea if you will use the strain when hanging out with your friends or when doing daytime activities. It can also help you perform better at work and be more productive.


It enhances daytime activity thus making you more productive at work.

It can give you a short and light high making you feel energetic and bouncy.

It makes you feel alert and awake that can last for hours without taking more hits.

Medical Attributes:

It alleviates muscle pain and can increase appetite useful to people who are suffering from anorexia.

It is recommended for people who are feeling depressed and are also experiencing nausea and migraine.

It is an effective treatment for mental disorders like chronic stress and anxiety.


It carries traditional negative effects like dry mouth and dry eyes with occasional paranoia.

Growing Green Crack Tips:

  • You can get excellent results when air circulation is given much attention.

  • You can improve air circulation by removing lower branches.

  • The strain can grow well in areas 70 to 80°F (21 to 27°C) temperature and 50% humidity.

  • When grown indoors, soil and hydroponic are perfect mediums that will allow the strain to flower from 7 to 9 weeks.

  • It needs warm climate when grown outdoors.

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