What Is the Easiest and Safest Way To Buy Marijuana?

Baker-ListHunt-1If you are thinking of growing some marijuana, you would need to buy marijuana seeds. There are different kinds of marijuana seeds of different strains that are available in the market. But where can you buy marijuana seeds. Marijuana seeds buyers are always faced with the question whether to purchase marijuana seeds online or not. They would often take their time to think whether to go through with purchasing marijuana seeds or not because of this dilemma.

Purchasing Marijuana Seeds Online

Buying marijuana seeds online is usually the choice of many marijuana seed buyers because of its accessibility. Many marijuana seed companies are already in the internet to allow for more customers to buy their marijuana seeds wherever they may be. But this has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Many items in most online stores are on sale. This goes the same for marijuana seed online stores. Some of their marijuana seeds are on sale to provide for a more affordable price for the marijuana seed buyer to purchase the marijuana seeds.
  • There may be strains that are more available in the online stores rather than in the actual marijuana seeds shop. Also, if you buy through the internet, you have a long list of marijuana seed companies to choose from to buy your marijuana seeds with the desired strain that you want.


  • One major concern of most buyers when purchasing online is the security of your transaction. Since it is done online, there may be third party entities that will be able to access your transaction. Also, the payment method is a big issue when it comes to security. But there is a way to make your transaction discrete. Ask the marijuana seed store to delete any information pertaining the transaction after it has completed.

Not Purchasing Marijuana Seeds Online

If you have a nearby marijuana seed store in your location then this might be an option for you. Many people would still prefer buying from the actual store personally than buying online.


  • There is no shipping fee. This is very obvious since you are paying directly to the store when you purchase your marijuana seeds. Buying online entails a lot of fees depending on which payment method you want to use and the shipping fee.
  • You are able to examine the actual product when you purchase it. This is one thing that you cannot do when buying online. Seeing the product for yourself would help you decide whether you are getting the right kinds of marijuana seeds and the best sort.


  • You know of a marijuana seed store in your location but is too far from your residence. The cost of getting there would rather be paid as shipping fee.
  • The availability of the marijuana seeds is not assured. The store will obviously only sell what is available in the store.

So, online or not?

Weighing in the pros and cons of each, purchasing online would be the best option because of the limitation that you have with buying from an actual marijuana seed store. The safety issues can be treated with precautions so you need not worry too much if you do transactions online. But if a marijuana seed store is more accessible to you then you are free to purchase and make the choice for yourself.

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