What Happens when the Marijuana Seeds are Seized in the Border

120913_Pot_Ordering marijuana seeds from online seed banks seem to be the best option for all of us. There is the convenience of not having to scour your neighborhood or city for any local marijuana seeds retailer and the reliability of the quality of seeds that you will get. But the trickiest part of having marijuana just shipped to your home is the part where it should not be discovered by the customs or else your seeds will not reach you. Here are several scenarios of what happened reported by those who have experienced having their seeds seized during shipment.

Packaged arrived but no seeds

This is a very common scenario when your seeds will be confiscated. During shipment, the package will be inspected and when the inspectors suspect that there is something illegal inside it, the package would most likely be opened. And when this happens it is not very difficult to decipher what is going on. Some people who got their seeds confiscated got the package but without the seeds in it. Some online seed banks disguise the seeds by putting it in with other items like t-shirts. So what happens is that the customer just get the package with the t-shirt but without the seeds.

Nothing to worry about

Many people who have experienced getting their marijuana seeds confiscated by customs are freaked out by the incident. They worry that the government might go after them or if they could not get anymore seeds shipped to them as the customs already know their name and address. Usually, when you seeds get seized, there is a tape reclosing the package saying that it has been inspected. And usually, there is a note attached that no further correspondence is needed. This is a great thing. You should be reassured by this because you are sure they will not go after you. Also, most people who have experienced this did not have any problem during shipment as long as the packaging is properly stealthy.

What to do

When your package arrives but without the seeds and with clear tampering by the customs indicating that your seeds have been confiscated, the first thing you have to do is to contact your seed supplier. Chances are this is not the first time that they have encountered this. You should arrange for a replacement immediately. But if they do not allow it then you can order seeds again but this time with extra fee for extra stealthy packaging. You can also search online for reliable seed banks with reliable stealth shipment.

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