What Are the Payment Methods When Buying Marijuana Seeds Online?

paymentsWhen buying marijuana seeds online, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is to choose the right payment method that would ensure of safe and discreet way of paying for your marijuana seeds. There are a lot of payment methods that many online seed banks use to allow their customers to pay for their marijuana seeds. The safety and discreetness of your payment lies within how well you can choose the kind of payment method that you are going to use. Here are your options of a payment method that you can use when you buy marijuana seeds online.

Cash via mail

If you think about it, this method is quite risky. Some marijuana seed companies that sell online might seem legit and it is not easy to spot the bogus marijuana seed sellers especially if you buy online. This method is not safe enough unless you are really dealing with an honest marijuana seed company. But this can still be an option for customers. Just make sure that it is sent discretely.


Not everybody knows about bitcoins. Bitcoins are like internet money which you can use to pay for your online transactions instead of using credit cards or cash. Among the payment methods mentioned, this method could be the safest way. When you pay through Bitcoin, your transaction is completely discrete because you are paying anonymously because you don’t have to give any personal information just to be able to pay. But the downside of this payment method is that not all marijuana seed companies support this kind of payment method.

Credit Cards

Paying through credit card is the most common payment method for purchasing online. But it has the main issue of the safety and discreteness of the transaction. Many marijuana seed companies have somehow devised a way to make credit card transaction safe to do online. One of the safety tips to buying marijuana seeds online is to ask the marijuana seed company to delete or destroy any information about the transaction right after it has been made. This would make sure that nobody can find and access that information. Not the marijuana seed company, and, could be, not even you. You can keep a copy of yourself if you want to and just get rid of it once you get your marijuana seeds.

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