Sweet Tooth

Sweet-Tooth-CannabisLineage: Afghan X Nepalese X Hawaiian

Flowering Time: 66 days

Height: 75 – 160 cm

Yield: 450 g/m2

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

This is an indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Afghan, Nepalese, and Hawaiian. With the name of the strain, you can expect of experiencing a very sweet taste with berry and a flowery hint which is the same when it comes to the scent. People say that this is caused by the sugary crystal frosted buds that are covered with snowy trichomes. It has a light to medium sized buds that are green in color and also surrounded with appetizing orange hairs. As the plant continuously matures, it can produce dark purple tinges on the dense leaves of the buds.

Smoking the strain can cause a powerful body stone so it is recommended for nighttime use. It can also cause a pleasurable effect that can last long and can uplift your moods and energize the nerves. Most people use the strain when dealing with stress, headache, arthritis, and various kinds of pains like what you feel in your joints, neck, and back. It can also treat insomnia and help people fight depression, PTSD, and other psychological disorders.

If you want to get the best results from growing this strain, you better grow in indoors using greenhouses and hydroponics. You also need to provide it with plenty of water and nutrients in order to create colas.


It has a euphoric high that can add up to your creativity.

It has a powerful body stone making it a perfect strain for nighttime use.

It can provide long lasting pleasurable effects.

You can also experience and uplifting and invigorating effect on the nerves.

Medical Attributes:

With the uplifting effects of the strain, it can be used to treat stress and headache.

The body high that it can give makes this strain effective for relieving pain, arthritis, or pain that you feel in your neck, back, and joints.

It can also be an effective aid for insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Because of the happy buzz that you can experience from smoking the strain, you can use it in combating depression, PTSD, and other psychological disorders.


The side effects of the strain include dry mouth and dry eyes.

Growing Sweet Tooth Tips:

  • It responds well to various growing techniques like lateral branching and Screen of Green setups.

  • It requires lots of water and nutrients that can reward growers with massive colas.

  • The strain is resistant to common pests.

  • Growing it indoors can be done using greenhouses and hydroponics.

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