How to tell if Marijuana Seeds will Germinate?

Marijuana Germination and Seedlings 2It is important that when you purchase marijuana seeds, you make sure that you get the ones that will surely germinate. You don’t want to go through and start your grow with bad seeds. It is a waste of time, effort and money. To make sure that your marijuana seeds will surely germinate, you need to know if they are healthy enough or not. Here are some of the things that you should consider to see whether your bag of marijuana seeds are healthy.

Obtaining good seeds

If you want to save yourself the hassle of having to sift through your seed stock and differentiating the good ones from the bad ones, you can go on and buy directly from trusted producers and suppliers in the internet with very high quality seeds.

Check for cracks

If your marijuana seed on hand has cracks in it, you should already consider it to be a bad seed. Cracks are very telling signs that that seed is too old. If the marijuana seed is very old, it is not viable to be germinated since by then, it has already lost much of its water content.

Check the seed color

 The seed color on the good seeds you want to plant should be normal. It should not be grey, greenish or too dark. It should be just right. You can search for pictures indicating the right color for a good marijuana seed.

Observe the seed quality

The characteristics you need to look out for in marijuana seeds before doing the germination process are the color, size, patterns, texture and softness. These parameters determine the seed maturity and its potential for growing successfully.

Check the seed size

Check if the seed you are going to plant is bigger or smaller than normal. If the seed is smaller, then there is a great possibility that that seed is still very young and is not yet ready to be planted. Young seeds are premature and this would reflect greatly on the type of marijuana plant you would get later on. That is, if the plant ever grew at all.

The right seed

The right marijuana seed to choose for growing marijuana plants are those that are bigger, have a very clear color or pattern (not irregular or deformed), heavy since it contains more water and hard. Since soft seeds tend to be bad.

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