How to Tell if Marijuana Seeds will Germinate or Not

many-cannabis-seeds-sproutingKnowing when your marijuana seeds will germinate or not is important. It cannot be done by actually trying to germinate one seed because there might be another seed among your marijuana seeds that may not germinate. What you can do is to check your marijuana seed if it is healthy or not physically. Here are some points that you can look out for when checking your marijuana seeds.

Trial and error process of trying out your marijuana seeds

Before starting to germinate your marijuana seeds, you can try out some samples first. If you got your marijuana seeds from the streets, a safe estimate of 50% germination is already a good result. Seeds from seedbanks would most likely have a germination rate of 90% to 100% even. But 100% germination is rare. This test is best done if you have the proper knowledge of the germination process. If it is done by beginners, no definite conclusion might be drawn from it since germination failure can be caused by lack of proper knowledge on the process. For beginners, better do the physical or the simpler types of tests.

Healthy marijuana seeds are bigger in size

Also they have a clear and distinct surface color. They are heavy and have healthy embryos. The surface would also be hard.

Do the drop and sink test

Do the sink test on your marijuana seeds. This is most preferably done right before you plant them. Take a glass or bowl or pan of distilled water and drop your marijuana seeds. Healthy marijuana seeds should have enough weight to make them sink to the bottom.

A healthy seed has a smooth surface

This is quite obvious since a crack or a dent on the seed may mean something other than good. So you have to look out for seeds that are well fleshed-out or not crinkled or cracked. Take one seed from the bag and rub them in the palm of your hand. It should feel smooth and glossy.

Check out the color

Another external examination on the seed is an indication of its condition. A healthy marijuana seed should look glossy and gray or grayish green or grayish brown in color. It should also have a fleshy appearance.

External attributes of a mature marijuana seed

Check the signs of an immature marijuana seed which includes the color and patterns on the marijuana seed surface. The surface should not be too soft so that you can classify it as mature. The size would also matter. Young seeds are smaller and lighter compared to the more mature ones.

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