How to Set-up the Proper Grow Environment for Indoor Growing

2c692c5c1c45dfc46664b599ddccf351The natural growing environment of plants is the outdoors. But because growing marijuana is prohibited in some countries, marijuana enthusiasts would find ways to be able to have their own marijuana grow. One solution that might work is growing your marijuana plants indoor. The limitation of growing indoors is that you need to make sure that the room simulates the natural grow environment of the marijuana plants.

Conditions for a Healthy Marijuana Grow Environment


All plants, including marijuana plants, need sunlight to be able to grow. For places that are tropical, sunlight is in excess which makes it ideal for marijuana plants. For places that are in the colder side of the world, most people would just make a grow room and equip it with a light source like a HID lamp.


The marijuana plant grows ideally within the temperatures of 21.1 °C – 28.3 °C. Temperatures that is lower or higher than this limits might inhibit the healthy growth of your marijuana plants.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is needed for your marijuana plant to grow. The optimum amount of carbon dioxide that is needed for the marijuana plant to grow is 1,000 – 1,400 ppm.

Equipment you need to grow marijuana indoors

You will need a well-ventilated room without that much windows. The ventilation will allow you to control the conditions of the room and maintain it properly up to the level that is ideal for your marijuana plant to grow. There are other accessories that you may need in the grow room to simulate the ideal environment for the marijuana plant to grow which is the following:

  • Light bulb – used as the light source for your marijuana plants in your grow room or box. Marijuana plants grow better in HID lamps which can light up to a range of 240 to 1000 W. You can pick from this range according to the size of your room.

  • Reflector – this is used to reflect light that might have been lost back towards the plant.

  • Ballast – the ballast regulates the amount of current going into your light.

  • Switch or control box – this holds the controls the switches inside your grow room which includes the lights, watering or carbon dioxide supply switches.

  • Ventilator – it regulates the air flow, stabilize humidity and supplies air into your grow room. This is important so that your marijuana plants can have the needed nutrients for it to grow.

  • Thermometer – used to monitor the temperature of your grow room. You can have this automated and connected to the heater or ventilation system so that the temperature can be regulated.

  • Heater – used to heat up the room if it has to be heated to reach the desired temperature to promote growth of marijuana plants

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