How to control marijuana smell when growing indoors

growing-marijuana-indoors-spacing-densityThere are many factors to consider when growing marijuana indoors. One of these is the overwhelming smell given off by these plants. If you do not want others to notice that you are growing marijuana in your home then you clearly have to do something about the smell. Here are some things you can and cannot do in order to minimize marijuana odor.First and foremost, you have to choose marijuana varieties that do not smell too much. Some of these varieties include Polar Express, Papaya, Northern Lights, Blue Mystic, Shark’s Breath, Durban Poison and many more. You just have to choose and figure out the right one for you.

If you have only a small marijuana garden then you could try using odor neutralizers. This is a cheap alternative to installing equipment. One odor neutralizer you could use is Ona Pro Gel which is used primarily for minimizing sewage smell. When using odor neutralizers, make sure to replace them regularly.

Do not use fragrant products that you think will cover up the marijuana smell. These products are not long lasting plus mixing a fragrant smell with a pungent smell will most likely result to even more overwhelming and unbearable odor.

Air purifiers are not strong enough to remove the smell of marijuana from a room.

For large marijuana gardens, your best option is to install a scrubber. A scrubber is a type of equipment that helps to remove the smell from a room or a compartment by means of absorption or adsorption. Adsorption is when a compound or components are removed and transferred to the surface of a certain adsorbent while absorption is transferring unwanted compounds or components by means of absorbing it into the material.

In this case, the most common and effective one to use is a carbon filter for a scrubber. A carbon filter contains activated carbon. Activated carbon has a very porous surface where the unwanted smell of marijuana can attach.

Between powder and block activated carbon, the more preferable one is the powder since this gives you more surface area where the odor can attach. Since only the surface of activated carbon adsorbs the smell, all the material inside the block variety becomes useless.

The carbon filter must be installed in the exhaust of your room where you have your garden. Then you should make sure that this is running 24/7 to ensure that there is no smell.

Also make sure to regularly change the activated carbon in your filter.

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