How important is Water in Cannabis Germination?

Mystery SeedlingsWater is an essential nutrient needed for the growth of plants. It is especially important in the germination stage of the marijuana seed. If you have tried doing a germination for your marijuana seeds, you might observe that the moisture content needs to be maintained. Moisture content is the amount of liquid water in the body or system, which in this case is the marijuana seed. Water, paired with the right conditions and nutrients, will be able to help you germinate your marijuana seeds to grow a marijuana plant.

Role of Water in Germination

Water is a main component or need when you are doing germination. This serves as the starting ingredient to initiate the germination process. Water is the one that nourishes the plant inside the seed in order for it to come out and grow as a plant. As the water penetrates into the seed, biochemical reactions occur that would bring about the seedling inside the seed which would eventually come out from the seed shell and emerge as a plant.

The marijuana seed consist of a hard shell that encloses the marijuana plant embryo inside it. The hard shell or coating protects the embryo inside from any water or contaminant from the environment to penetrate through it. Water can be used to soften this shell in order for it to penetrate and activate the embryo in order to grow and become a marijuana plant. With the right amount of sunlight, nutrients and air, your marijuana seed will germinate and produce a marijuana plant seedling. If you are able to germinate successfully your seed, you are ready to transfer it in a pot or in any growing medium that you want to grow your marijuana plant into.

Too much water can kill your marijuana plant

As much as water is important for the germination and growth of your marijuana plant, too much of it is also not good for the plant. Although, it is recommended that your marijuana seed should be kept moist throughout the germination process, you should not soak it in too much water. Keeping it moist would just allow a constant or maintain the supply of water to your marijuana seed for it to germinate. You need the right amount of water to penetrate to the seed and activate the marijuana seedling that is inside the seed. But supplying too much won’t make it any better, it may cause the failure of the germination process.

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