Growing Marijuana Indoors: What is the Best Lighting System for Your Marijuana Plants?

DSC_00766Marijuana plants naturally require lots of sunlight to grow properly. That is why lighting is a major concern when considering growing marijuana indoors. Comparatively, the indica strains are more favorable to grow indoors because it grows to have shorter and wider structure. Whereas the sativa strain usually grows to be tall and thin. Choosing the right lighting set up for your indoor marijuana plant can be quite complicated. Below are some tips on choosing the right one during different growth stages and depending on your desired results.For the spouting and vegetative stage, metal halide lamps of fluorescent lights with cooler temperatures are advisable. The recommended spectrum could be from 350 to 550 nm or 5000 to 6000 k. Depending on the type of strain you use, the length of time you have to use these lights would vary since different strains vary in the length of growth stages.

During the flowering stage and the stage prior to that, the most effective type of lighting is between the red or orange spectrum. Therefore you need lights such as high pressure sodium lamps which has about 540 to 700 nm or 2000 to 4000 k. These lamps have higher temperatures compared to the ones mentioned previously.

Some lamps are great for indoor lighting and are useful from seed propagation to harvesting of your marijuana plant. The lamps that have the greatest potential for this are full spectrum LED lamps which are very versatile. But these are currently still in development and under improvement.

However, the problem with these full spectrum LED lamps come with the wattage. They consume too much energy. Currently, indoor marijuana growers who use LED lamps are alright with those full spectrum LED lamps that come in 1000 watts. But most growers prefer to change from fluorescent lights in the lower spectrum to fluorescent lights in the higher spectrum during the growth cycle than using the costly full spectrum LED lamps.

Additionally, make sure that the lights you employ for indoor marijuana growing do not release too much heat in order to avoid fire risks and in order to avoid imparting a negative effect to your plants.

Whatever type of growing system you employ to grow your marijuana plants, lighting is a very crucial factor. So take note of these tips and then you can decide for yourself whether you would go for the costly but convenient LED lamps or otherwise.

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