Growing marijuana indoors stealthily

new_grow_room_april_08_1Growing marijuana indoors is a great option when you don’t have enough space outside or when you don’t want others to clearly see your weed growing in your yard. But the most common problem by indoor marijuana growers is how to keep it secret that they are growing weed inside their house. This is most common especially when weed is not legal in that particular area. The list below takes note of the factors you have to consider so you can grow marijuana stealthily.


Weed has a distinct smell of its own especially when it is ripe. Some are very distinctly sweet and some are very overpowering, depending on the type of strain. There are many ways to remedy the problem of odor. Using activated carbon filters will help reduce the odors so that it will be unnoticeable. Activated carbon works by adsorbing the smell which traps all the compounds causing the odor into its highly porous surface. But as the surface of the activated carbon becomes filled up with all of these compounds, it will not be able to minimize the smell anymore so you have to change the activated carbon from time to time.


As all growers know, growing marijuana requires a great amount of light to yield a good harvest. When there is light coming from closed cabinets or closed rooms where your marijuana is being grown, others are sure to notice it. What you can do is to use grow boxes which are like cabinets where you can grow your marijuana in. these grow boxes have equipment such as light baffles that help keep the light inside the box.


Growing marijuana can usually result to a lot of heat being produced. The main contributor is the amount of light used. To grow marijuana stealthily, you want your grow area to be free of unusual heat, especially heat coming from cabinets or boxes. When you purchase a grow box, make sure that this has a lining or an insulation which can keep the heat inside of it or even just gradually release the heat to minimize unusual changes in temperature in the surroundings.


When growing marijuana indoors you will be using a lot of equipment to aid you in your growing. These equipment include lamps or lights, fans or coolers and the like. While you can keep these growing equipment hidden inside a growing box or cabinet, you cannot avoid them producing unusual humming or vibrating sounds. So again, when choosing your stealth box, you have to make sure that it is also able to keep any noise inside.

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