Growing conditions to produce more marijuana buds

foliar fertilizer for cannabis plants_1If you are really serious about growing marijuana at home then you have to think about a few things first. You should consider this especially when you are growing marijuana not only for consumption but also for profit. First and foremost, your main concern should be how to maximize the yield that you will get from your plants. Although marijuana leaves also contain THC, the buds contain far higher amounts of THC. Therefore you would want to increase the number of buds per plant and make sure your buds grow to be huge. So here are some tips on the best conditions to improve the number and size of your marijuana buds.


In order to get great quality buds, you have to provide them with the best nutrients you can get especially in the flowering stage. Buds grow better when there is a lot of phosphorus. Because of this you would need a fertilizer or a booster that contains lots of phosphorus such as NPK 10-3-10 which contains 10% nitrogen, 30 % phosphorus and 10% potassium. If you do not have this in hand or cannot find any in the store then you could add wood ash and water into the nutrients to increase phosphorus.


The amount and quality of your bud is also affected by the amount and quality of light you provide. You can do this by making sure that the amount of light that reach your plants is abundant since marijuana plants require a lot of light. If you do not do this, the plants will crave more light and will grow instead to be tall but skinny. What you want is a short and bushy marijuana plant to ensure a good harvest.


When growing marijuana indoors, take note that indoor ventilation is not enough to yield a decent harvest. One thing you can do is to feed the plants with additional CO2 which they can use to grow more effectively.


Marijuana plants are also a bit sensitive to the temperature in the room. The temperature has to be just right for them to thrive. Maintaining them at the right temperature will enable your plants to produce bigger and more buds. The ideal temperature for marijuana plants to grow best is around 68 and 77 degrees F. Also, the maximum difference in the changes in temperature during the whole day should not exceed 10 degrees.

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