Differences of Male and Female Marijuana Plant

male3When can you tell the sex of your marijuana plant?

You can already tell the sex of your plant in the pre-flowering stage. Though it may be hard for most growers to tell at this stage the sex of the marijuana plant, you can start observing your plant at this stage at about 4 to 6 weeks of vegetation growth. If you can’t tell yet at this stage then you can check the sex of your marijuana plant in the second week after your marijuana plant has started flowering.

Female Marijuana Plant

A characteristic feature of a female marijuana plant is its pear-shaped ball, which is known as the calyx that grows where the leaf stems join the main stem. The calyx will grow V-shaped hairs. Also, one way to identify a female plant is its height. Female marijuana plants do not grow very tall. You must be very patient when you want to determine the gender of your plant. The flowering may happen after two weeks of full flowering light.

If you want to produce marijuana that has that ‘kick’ then you would want to have the female plant. In order to avoid the female plant being pollinated by a male plant or a hermaphrodite, once you knew it has grown flowers, take it away from the pack. If the female flower has been pollinated and produced seeds, this may not be good enough as a marijuana product. To increase the chances of producing female marijuana plants, you must feed your marijuana plant with high levels of nitrogen and low levels of potassium. Also, keep them at blue light and low temperatures for the first two weeks of vegetation.

Male Marijuana Plant

As the female marijuana plant has characteristic features, the male marijuana plant has characteristic features too. You will know when your marijuana plant is male when you see buds or little balls growing in your plant. Male marijuana plants does not grow white V-shaped hairs from the bud. Also, the male plant is taller than the female marijuana plant. So, just by comparing the height might help you identify the gender of your marijuana plant. Male marijuana plants also tends to have more irregular branching and fewer leaves.

It actually only takes one male to pollinate a lot of female marijuana plants. Male marijuana plants have lower THC levels so they are often thrown out. But if you are interested in being able to produce some seeds, keep some of your female marijuana with the males to produce seeds.


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