Countries Where Marijuana is Legal

Marijuana and a gavel together for many legal concepts on the drug.Because of the reputation of marijuana as an addictive drug, many countries does not allow its cultivation and use. Thanks to recent studies conducted by various researchers, marijuana got a comeback. It has been already used many years ago as an herbal medicine. This has only been recognized and further promoted recently because of the results in the studies conducted. Even so, not all countries have legalized marijuana which makes it hard for some who wants to try its wonders to acquire their dose of this wonder herbal drug. If you want to get some marijuana, you might find it abundant in these countries where its cultivation and consumption has been legalized.


This country is one of the most famous countries that is known to use marijuana. Because of this, many tourist would fly to the Netherlands to try out marijuana especially those who are living in countries that have not legalized marijuana. But the rules governing the legalization of the cultivation and use of marijuana are still limited. Only a certain amount of marijuana can be in possession and only a limited number of plants to grow.


In this country, it is illegal to sell and grow marijuana. But you can have up to 25g of marijuana in your possession. Their laws on the use of marijuana is also limited. If you are caught with a certain amount of marijuana, you will be sent to compulsory rehab. Even if it has consequences, the country wants to maintain control of the amount of drugs circulated in their country but at the same time still allows marijuana users to enjoy a certain amount in their homes.

Czech Republic

In this country, you are allowed to cultivate a small amount of marijuana. But it is still illegal to grow up to 5 marijuana plants for your own personal use. If you are discreet enough in growing and using marijuana in this country, you are safe enough from the prying eyes of the police. Medical marijuana is also legalized in this country. This has been allowed to make sure that the marijuana the users consume for personal use is safe instead of getting their weed from the street. Compared to other countries, their laws provides more breathing room for the marijuana users.

There are more countries that have legalized marijuana. These are just some of them. If you want to experience marijuana, you can either travel to these countries or you can purchase from these countries. These countries recognize the benefits of marijuana and allows its citizens to enjoy it by legalizing marijuana.

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