Cheapest marijuana seeds

Screen-Shot-2015-02-20-at-3.56.48-PMIf you are a marijuana grower then you must already have an idea of where to buy marijuana seeds and how much they cost. If you are a first time grower or are still planning about it, then you must be wondering on the cost as well. Marijuana seeds can be costly sometimes, especially if you do not know the right place to buy them. Some people could also take advantage of you especially if you are a first timer. So here is a list of the cheapest marijuana seeds that would certainly not leave you disappointed. This list is in no particular order.

Special Kush 

The seeds for this marijuana strain can be purchased from Royal Queen Seeds. Many growers like to purchase this one due to its very affordable price compared to other seeds. The Special Kush is advisable for first time growers who are on a budget.

Easy Ryder

Easy Ryder can be bought from Attitude Seed Bank. Although this is not the most recommended strain out there it is still a popular choice. The greatest selling points of the Easy Ryder is that it is very easy to grow. Plus it is also very affordable. This strain is also recommended for those first time growers on a budget because the price and quality of these seeds will make it okay for you to commit mistakes, especially at the beginning.

Northern Lights Automatic

The seeds for Northern Lights Automatic can also be purchased from Royal Queen Seeds. This autoflowering marijuana strain is also very popular because of its amazingly low price. Aside from the price, Northern Lights Automatic is popular because of the good germination performance and very good genes. It produces great buds in the end which will give you more satisfaction.

Brainstorm is a feminized indica strain that can be purchased from sellers at Dutch Passion. This is favorable for indoor growing because it releases minimal odor which helps in concealing your indoor growing activity and produces amazing quality buds in the end that will give you the most optimum satisfaction.

This marijuana strain is also a feminized strain of seeds and can be bought from the Weed Seed Shop. If you search for the best cheap marijuana seeds online then this one would surely come up. It is priced at about fifteen dollars for every ten seeds and is indeed a bang for your buck. It is advisable for indoor growing and gives you buds that result to a balanced high and great flavors.

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