Basic steps of growing autoflowering marijuana seeds

IranianAutoFlowerGrowing autoflowering marijuana seeds is not very different from growing those regular marijuana varieties. But there are some differences in taking care of the autoflowering kind that one must take note of. The main difference between regular and autoflowering is that the autoflowering has a flowering time as short as 20 days. Whereas the regular varieties take up to 10 weeks or more. Also, there are differences in growing autoflowering marijuana seeds indoors and outdoors. Below are some tips to take into account.

For indoor growing


The soil needed for growing autoflowering marijuana indoors is that which contains comparably low nutrients. This is otherwise known as “Light” soil in stores. But if you don’t want to purchase soil, you can always make your own. Take note that it should be composed of 3 parts of compost, 1 part pre-wet vermiculate, 3 parts moss and 2 parts pearlite.


Usually, autoflowering marijuana plants do not grow as large as the other varieties. Therefore it is not recommended to use very large containers. The largest container you can use is up to 15 liters only.


When growing autoflowering marijuana indoors, the first 2 weeks is not very tedious. You only have to water your plant regularly and nothing else. But after the first 2 weeks, you must add light nutrients to your plants. You must do this for 1 to 2 weeks. Then after that period you should change to flowering nutrients for a period of 4 weeks. Then you should stop giving any nutrients altogether about 1 week prior to harvesting. One must take note that giving too much nutrients to plants is not advisable either.

For outdoor growing

Outdoor growing of marijuana seeds is slightly different from that of indoor growing. Of course there is the fact that you don’t have to fret about the amount of light that your plant is receiving. Just make sure that you are choosing the right time of year to plant your autoflowering marijuana outdoor. For countries where the weather is warm, you can start planting your autoflowering marijuana by the start of spring. For colder regions, you have to wait a few weeks more for the cold to lessen. Those living in colder areas could also expect that they will have somewhat lower yields compared to marijuana seeds planted in areas with plenty of sunlight. The more sunlight there is, the more cycles you can do on your marijuana plants and the more yields you can get.

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