Basic Facts about Marijuana Cloning

new-ebb-n-flow+blackjack-clones3-16-10-014Marijuana seeds are not the only way to go when you want to have some marijuana plants to grow. There is another way that has been developed in order to grow marijuana plants without having to purchase some marijuana seeds. You can do cloning instead. But what are the things that you should know about cloning?

What is cloning?

Cloning is a type of growing method that does not use a seed in order to start-up a growth. All you need is a part of a mature plant which you can obtain by cutting and rooting it as a starting plant for your marijuana plant. When this plant grows, it is of the same strain and characteristics as that of its parent plant.

Why do cloning?

Cloning has several advantages that makes many growers go for this kind of growing method than settling with buying some marijuana seeds for growing marijuana plants. You will obviously have the attributes of the parent plant. So if you want your clone to be 100% female, you are sure to get a female. Also, clones eliminates the germination process. So less work for you. Although, if you are interested of having a certain strain, you might have a hard time finding the parent plant for that.

How to clone a marijuana plant?

  1. Choose a healthy marijuana parent plant to take a clone from. It should be mature enough that it has 6 nodes or 4 weeks old.
  2. If you have already chosen your parent plant, take a clean and sharp razor blade, scalpel or just scissors. Sterilize these to make sure that it is clean. Use alcohol to sterilize your cutting tool.
  3. Cut at a 45 degree angle. Choose a branch from the parent plant that has 2 to 3 nodes. Don’t cut out the woody branches. Cut the branch at an angle ¼ inch or 5 to 10 mm below a node.
  4. Now you need to root the cut marijuana branch. There are a few things that you should consider first though before starting your rooting process:
  • Keep it at low light to induce rooting. The clone does not require to grow more leaves or assimilate that much food so light is not very necessary.
  • Have a support structure for your plant.
  • Keep it moist around the roots.
  • Keep at high humidity to make sure that the leaves won’t dry out.

Place the cut branch in a cup with cover with a few inches deep of water. Chance the water every three days. The clones will not root for another 6 to 14 days. Some growers would prefer to have their roots around 1 inch. Others would like them to be long at 6 inches. But you can transplant your clone already at 3 inches of roots if you want. You can also use rooting gel or powder during the rooting process instead.


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