Are Auto-flowering Seeds Better for Beginners?

Autoflowering-Seeds-3Auto-flowering marijuana seeds are one kind of marijuana seeds that are made to grow flowers faster than the regular marijuana seed. For auto-flowering marijuana seeds, flowering will occur earlier than expected from the normal growth cycle of a marijuana plant. Compared to other marijuana seeds, auto-flowering marijuana seeds can grow regardless of the amount of light that is supplied to them. Regular marijuana seeds depend on the amount of light that is supplied for their growth. They even follow a certain schedule as to how many hours they are required to be supplied with light and how many hours they should be kept in the dark. The growth cycle of an auto-flowering marijuana plant would depend on its maturity. If it’s mature enough, it will grow flowers and you could later on harvest them for use.

Why is Auto-flowering Marijuana Seed recommended for Beginners?

Well, if you look at the definition and attributes of an auto-flowering seed, it does not take too much work to make it grow. As opposed to regular marijuana seeds where it needs so much attention and work to let it grow and keep it healthy, auto-flowering seeds only require a small amount of time to grow. Auto-flowering marijuana seeds only takes 17 to 20 days for the auto-flowering marijuana seeds to flower and 60 to 65 days after which, some up to 70 to 80 days. Regular marijuana seeds take the entire spring up to the summer to grow. And another 6 to 12 weeks is needed for the flowering period. This would mean that the grower’s agony of growing the marijuana seed and maintaining its conditions would take a shorter time.Here are some of the growing conditions of auto-flowering plants.


To grow auto-flowering plants, you won’t need to supplement your plants with nutrients in the first 12 to 14 days of growing. Water would actually suffice. After this period of time, you can supplement your marijuana plant with ‘light’ nutrients which can also be found in marijuana grow shops.


Auto-flowering plants does not depend so much on light to grow but it still needs it to assimilate food in order for them to grow and stay healthy. It is recommended that auto-flowering marijuana seeds are to be kept on sunlight for 16 – 24 hours. But many growers would prefer 18 hours a day of light.


The nutrients and its conditions should be maintained to favor the growth of the marijuana seed. For auto-flowering marijuana seeds, they prefer an airy soil with relatively low amount of nutrients.



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