Why Use Bitcoin when Purchasing Marijuana Seeds Online?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOsAAAAJDZmMzE1OGNkLTFkNGMtNGM0ZC1hM2NiLTJmMWM4YmU3ZDRjMQWhy Use Bitcoin to Pay for your Marijuana Seeds?

There are several reasons why Bitcoin is a recommended option to pay for your marijuana seeds bought online. Here are the reasons why:

You can pay for your marijuana seeds anonymously

You can certainly purchase your marijuana seeds online in discretely. You do not need to give them any personal information when you complete your transaction. Unlike other payment methods such as credit cards or paying through cash, you need not give them any information to access your bank account that contains your money.

You do not transact under your own name

To further support the previous statement, when you do transactions with Bitcoin, there is no access to any personal information. If you sign up for Bitcoin, you are assigned to a unique identification or reference number that is linked to your account in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has block chain

The block chain is a unique coding method for Bitcoin that is used for your transaction. This is to ensure that any third party will not be able to access or hack your transaction. Bitcoin truly values your privacy when it comes to your purchases online. They devised this to allow customers to be worry-free when doing online transactions.

There are no fees

Since Bitcoins are made available only for internet purchasing, there are no fees stipulated when you do your transactions. As opposed to making transactions through credit cards that banks may issue a fee for money transfer. So making your transactions through Bitocins is practically free.

Simple and easy to use

Using Bitcoins to purchase is as easy as sending an email. Just make sure you have some Bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet and you’re good to go.

Transactions are quick and secured

When you use other modes of payment like PayPal or Credit cards, you have to go through several security measures and it could take several days to complete a transaction. But if you’re using bitcoin, your payments will be received by the online store in real time.

In order to have funds on your bitcoin wallet, you have to buy them from several sites around the internet. To purchase coins online you would still have to pay through other modes of payment such as PayPal and your credit card. But if you don’t want to go through the security hassle, you can go to physical stores to purchase some bitcoins. All you have to do is pay your cash and it will be automatically converted to bitcoins. Then if you have already stocked up on some bitcoins you can now purchase your marijuana seeds using bitcoins.

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