Why Not Plant Marijuana Seeds Direct to Soil

IMG_0551Many would say when it comes to germination, you need to soak your seeds to initiate germination process before transferring your seeds to soil. But you can actually directly plant your marijuana seeds to soil and do away with the germination process by soaking your seeds in water.

Why directly plant your marijuana seeds to soil?

Directly planting your marijuana seeds can help your marijuana seeds to germinate and grow in peace. You don’t have to disturb their growth process by transferring them from one place to another. But growing in soil has been seen to be less effective for germination compared to applying other methods such as soaking in water. But this can be remedied by properly planting your marijuana seeds to your soil. With that, what can you do in order to make sure that your marijuana seeds will germinate and grow in soil?

Things to Consider For the Soil to Use

Soil pH

The ideal pH for the soil in order to grow marijuana plants is between pH 5.5 – 6.5. If your soil pH is beyond that range then they may not be able to grow properly. Maintaining the pH is important so that the marijuana plant can absorb the right amount of nutrients for it to grow. If the marijuana plant cannot get the desired amount of nutrients that it needs to grow, then it may get stressed out and die. Also, they are more susceptible to the plant diseases and pests if they do not get the required amount of nutrients.


The nutrients in the soil is also an important factor to be able to produce high quality marijuana plants. There is one other kind of soil medium that can be used to grow marijuana plants and this is called soilless mixes. Soilless mixes are kind of growing medium that only has limited amount of nutrients that are needed for a marijuana plant to grow. This may have an advantage for others because you may be able to control the amount of nutrients that is in the soil. For an ordinary soil, you already have the necessary nutrients and even more for marijuana plants to grow. So this may have an advantage also for most growers. Quality soils are usually previously fertilized.

At the germination stage of the growth of a marijuana plant, the kind of soil that should be used is light soil. This contains only the enough nutrients for the seeds to germinate. In the later stages of the growth of the marijuana plant, more nutrients is needed. When the seeds have already been germinated, they are transferred to another growing plant and into a new soil. This will need more nutrients, so that the marijuana can further grow.

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