Why Germinating Marijuana Seeds is better than Cloning

growing-marijuanaThe marijuana seed business has been booming and many are trying to put their names in the market for growing marijuana. Many marijuana growers, especially the beginners always end up with the question, “What should I start with?” or “What should I use to grow my marijuana plants?”

The Difference between Marijuana Seeds and Clones

There are actually two answers to the imposed questions. You can either use, marijuana seeds or clones. Marijuana seeds are, obviously, those that are naturally produced by parent marijuana plants. Clones, on the other hand, are parts of a mature marijuana plant that has been cut off and replanted to produce another marijuana plant. The marijuana plants produced from marijuana seeds may have uncertain genders when they grow. While those grown from clones are sure to produce female marijuana plants.

Why Germinating Marijuana Seeds is better than Cloning?

  • Clones may have contaminants and pests from the parent marijuana plant. Since clones are taken from another marijuana plant, it might carry some plant diseases or pests that might have been in the parent marijuana plant. If your clone have these diseases and pests, this might infect the rest of your marijuana plants. Planting marijuana seeds for growing can produce healthier plants and less contamination to the other marijuana plants that you have for growing.

  • Marijuana plants from marijuana seed are more potent compared to that from clones. It has been found that clones is less potent than a marijuana plant grown from a marijuana seeds. Because clones are just taken from a part of another mature marijuana plant, they may not possess the same degree of potency as that of their mother plant. Marijuana plants from marijuana seeds are naturally grown from the original source. So the potency is assured to be at the levels expected of the marijuana plant.

  • Clones have a limit when it comes to the strains that you can get a clone from. Since the most common, and traditional, way of growing marijuana plants is from seeds, there is no doubt that marijuana seeds of many marijuana strains are available in the market. Clones only has a limited market because it has to be taken from a mature marijuana plant. If you want a certain strain and want to clone it for growing, it might be difficult for you to find. Unless, you have a direct access to a marijuana plant with that certain strain.

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