What to Do if Marijuana Seeds Fail to Germinate?

informacion-semillas-de-marihuanaThere are many problems that you may encounter in the course of germinating your marijuana seeds. Germination is important because this will later on dictate who healthy your marijuana plant will grow or if it will ever grow at all. Here are some problems in germination that you should watch out for and how to remedy them.

Seedlings grow tall but weak

If you are able to grow seedlings that are tall but weak, this would indicate that your seedlings just lack some light. The tall height of the seedlings is because they are trying to find a source of light that can help them assimilate their food. Supply your seedlings with a light source. If you are growing outdoors, move your seedlings to a spot where there is more sunlight for longer periods. If you are growing indoors, place them near the lamp. Support the seedlings with a stick so that they will not fall off and that they can regain their strength to stand on their own. Leave them at that position until your seedlings looks healthy again. After which you may remove the stick and allow the plant to grow by itself.

First set of leaves does not open

When the seed hull and inside skin of the seed is still attached and enclosing the leaves, the leaves cannot open up. This is caused by not planting the seed deep enough in the soil. Ideally, the seed hull should be detached when the seedling grows. One way to fix this is to spray some water on the seedling and wait for about 30 minutes to allow the water to soften the dry skin of the seed caused by the soil residues. After which, slowly remove the skin avoiding pulling off the leaves too. If the leaves are pulled out, the seedling will die.

Seedlings that fell and died

This happens occasionally especially when the soil is not healthy or infected. The cause of this is a fungal disease which is commonly called as the “damping off”. Damping off happens when there is too much moisture in the environment and the growing medium of the marijuana seedling. A moist environment promotes the growth of fungi in marijuana plants. Make sure that your humidity is controlled and that your soil has the right amount of water to avoid damping off. If you are in a place which has cold season and you have an outdoor marijuana plantation, you must avoid your seedlings to be frozen. The frost can kill your plant overnight. You can either transfer your plants indoors or have an indoor growing area instead to eliminate the hassle of transferring during cold seasons.

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