What not to Do When Germinating Marijuana Seeds?

rapid-rooter-seedlings-smThe germination stage of planting a marijuana seed is the first and most important step. Why? Because if you are not able to germinate your marijuana seed, you will not have a marijuana plant to grow. That is why, it is essential that this step is done right with the proper equipment, timing and care. Even if you think that you have done everything that you could to have the right set-up for your germination process, problems may still be encountered. There might still be some points that you missed and may cost you a marijuana plant. Here is a list of things that you should not do when you are germinating your marijuana seeds.

  • Don’t touch your marijuana seeds while it is germinating – This will just disturb the germination process of your marijuana seeds. Furthermore, you might bring in contaminants from your hand or the environment to your germination set-up that might affect it. To know whether your marijuana seeds have already been germinated, check if a white root has come out of the seed shell already. This is the first tap root. If you see this, that is an indication that your germination process is working.

  • Don’t soak your marijuana seeds too long – Soaking your marijuana seeds too long is also not good. Though water is an essential part of the germination process, supplying too much to your marijuana seeds would not make it any better. The soaking process is mainly allow the shell to soften and to allow the water to penetrate to the marijuana seed so that it can initiate the germination process.

  • The germination process proceeds under a certain temperature – It is recommended that the temperature to be used for your germination set-up should be near room temperature (20 to 26 °C). if the temperature gets too high or low, then your marijuana seeds may not germinate and it might even ruin it.

  • Using tap water instead of distilled water – Distilled water is better to use compared to tap water. The main reason is that distilled water is cleaner compared to tap water. Tap water may contain lots of contaminants or excess minerals that may inhibit the germination process to proceed. This is a necessary precaution to make sure that the water supplied to your marijuana seeds is clean and free from any dirt. Using distilled water may also help keep your seeds viable for a longer period of time.

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