What Makes a Marijuana Seed to Germinate?

marijuana-germinationThe germination process is the first step to growing marijuana. If your marijuana seeds are not properly germinated, it is possible that it may not grow properly or not at all. So what makes a marijuana seed germinate then?

Why Germinate?

The purpose of germinating your marijuana seeds is to allow for the sprout to come out of the seed shell. This is to facilitate the growing process of your marijuana plant. If you do not germinate your marijuana seed, the marijuana plant will grow later than the expected time that it should grow. Or it may not be able to grow out of the shell. Germination can help the seedling get out of the seed shell to grow as a plant.

What to Maintain to Make Sure Your Marijuana Seed Will Germinate

  • Water – this is the main thing that you should maintain when you are germinating your marijuana seeds. Marijuana seeds need moisture in order to induce hormonal changes to make the germination process possible. You should be able to maintain the right amount of moisture during germination. Water then softens the shell and penetrates inside the marijuana seed and activates dormant hormones in the seed. As more water gets into the seed, the seedling will then grow and a taproot will then grow. Constant supply of moisture is important to further let the plant grow. The water that you should use for germination is not tap water, rather, use distilled water. Tap water may contain contaminants that may affect the health and growth of your marijuana plant.

  • Temperature – you should maintain your germination temperature at 20 °C to 26 °C. Cold temperature will slow down germination and may promote fungal growth which may then rot the marijuana seed and the root. Higher temperatures can also inhibit the germination of your marijuana seeds.

  • Oxygen – marijuana seeds require a supply of oxygen to germinate. After the marijuana seed has germinated, the roots will need air, and the leaves will also need carbon dioxide to assimilate food for the marijuana plant in the process of photosynthesis. You should know the right amount of time to soak your marijuana seed or the amount of water to use for the germination process. Too much water may drown your marijuana seed and it may not be able to acquire enough oxygen to germinate properly. You need to maintain a humidity of 50% in order to have a successful germination process.

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