Water Soaking and Paper Towel Germination

DSC_0264Seed Germination is the first step to growing your marijuana plant. This is a crucial step in the marijuana growth. It is easy to do if you know what you are doing. It is also easy to get it wrong. You need to have the right knowledge and skill to germinate your marijuana seeds. One of the known germination process methods is the water soaking and paper towel germination. You can try this when you want to germinate your marijuana seeds.

What to Prepare?

Before starting the process of seed germination, you need to prepare the materials that you will need. This includes:

  • A glass of distilled water

  • 2 plates

  • 1 paper towel

  • Tweezers

Steps of the Cup of Water and Paper Towel Marijuana Seed Germination Method:

After you have prepared the materials and maintained the temperature you may start with the germination process.

  1. Get the glass or cup of distilled water and drop your seeds in. Make sure that they sink to the bottom. If they float, sink them by pushing them down using your fingertips. Soak them in water for about 18 hours. Don’t soak your marijuana seeds for more than 18 hours. It is even not recommended to let the soaking process reach 24 hours. Soaking your marijuana seeds too much will kill your marijuana seeds. The soaking process will soften the shell of the seed and will allow some of the water to penetrate into the shell. The seed shell will crack and it will germinate. You will know if the soaking process is complete when you see small cracks on the shell and a small root appears on the seed. Make sure that you check your soaked seeds from time to time to see if they are really soaked in the bottom.

  2. After the soaking process, take the seeds into the paper towel set-up. The paper towel set-up would consist of a slightly wet paper towel placed on top of a plate. Place the marijuana seeds such that they are spaced evenly and properly. Give your seeds enough space for their tap root to grow. This will ensure that no entanglement can happen on the tap roots.

  3. Cover the set-up with the other plate. Invert the plate in order to give them enough space.

  4. Leave the set-up in a cool dark place and check it every 5 to 12 hours if it is still moist. Spray some water to keep them moist.

  5. If you see that the taproot has grown to ¼ to ½ inches, the germination process is done. Your germinated seeds are ready to be planted on soil or rock wool.

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