Different Marijuana Seed Germination Methods

Peat-potsGermination is the process by which the marijuana seed is prepared to be planted to the soil or grow medium where you are going to grow your marijuana plant. It is the process that would later on dictate if your marijuana plant will grow healthy or not. Or if it will ever grow at all. There are different methods that you can do in order to do your germination process. Here are just some of those germination methods that you can use.

Germination of Marijuana Seeds in a Damp Surface

Make sure that you maintain the temperature at least 20 °C or your marijuana seeds will not or may not germinate at all. Moisten the surface of the marijuana seeds by putting it on something that holds moisture just like paper towel, tissue or wadding. Just moisten the surface of the marijuana seed and don’t make it too wet. You can cover your seeds with a damp tissue or paper towel protect it from any contaminants. The water will soften the shell of the marijuana seed. The germination process is then when a white sprout has grown form the seed.

Germination of Marijuana Seeds in a Cup of Water

Get the glass or cup of distilled water and drop your seeds in. Make sure that they sink to the bottom. If they float, sink them by pushing them down using your fingertips. Soak them in water for about 18 hours. Don’t soak your marijuana seeds for more than 18 hours. It is even not recommended to let the soaking process reach 24 hours. Soaking your marijuana seeds too much will kill your marijuana seeds. The soaking process will soften the shell of the seed and will allow some of the water to penetrate into the shell. The seed shell will crack and it will germinate. You will know if the soaking process is complete when you see small cracks on the shell and a small root appears on the seed. Make sure that you check your soaked seeds from time to time to see if they are really soaked in the bottom.

Germination of Marijuana Seeds Directly on Soil

This is probably the easiest among others because it is already directly planted on the soil. Just maintain the temperature at 20 °C. Place the marijuana seed 1 cm deep in the soil. Cover the hole with soil and gently press it. This can be a slow process since the soil can make it a bit hard for the seed to sprout. The process may take 4 to 10 days.

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