Fruity Pebbles

fruityLineage: Green Ribbon X Granddaddy Purple X Tahoe Alien

Flowering Time: 56 – 60 days

Height: Medium

Yield: 450 – 500 grams per 10 square feet

Growing Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult


This is an indica dominant hybrid that is created by crossing Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien. It has a fruity smell and taste which is the best feature of the strain. It is light green in color with trichomes that appears like white spots. It has fluffy buds with orange hairs. You will see a massive amount of crystals that make the buds sticky. The plant can grow to a medium height and can also provide medium yields.

Smoking the strain can offer an energetic high that can put you into couch-lock. It relaxes the mind and provides a spacey feeling. The smoke is very smooth that can leave harshness at the end. Your body will feel warm and buzzy that can make some users forgetful and act slowly.

People can use the strain in relieving pain and migraines. It can also help in treating ADD and ADHD. The strain can be used in combating insomnia and can also ease problems about having a poor appetite. It can also help when dealing with stress and if ever you want to improve your moods.

The plant is resistant to diseases and can grow in reasonable growing conditions. The flowering period will be 8 to 10 weeks. You have to expect it to be very leafy if it is not grown in a proper environment and not cured rightly.



It can provide an energetic high that can last long and can possibly lead to couch-lock.

It provides a soft but strong body buzz that can relax the mind and can also cause a spacey feeling.

Users can experience a euphoric high that is very enjoyable.

It can put the users in a dreamy-like state while the body feels warm and buzzy.

It can make you become slow and forgetful.

It can provide euphoric effects that can make you feel happy suitable when you’re stressed and can also help you fall asleep.


Medical Attributes:

This can be an effective medication for pain and migraines.

It can help people deal with mood disorders like ADD and ADHD.

It can be used in battling with insomnia because it can act as a sleeping aid.

It can help alleviate stress and enhance moods.

This can help people who are having troubles with their appetite.



The strain can cause negative effects like dry mouth and dry eyes.


Growing Fruity Pebbles Tips:

  • This is a disease-resistant plant that can thrive in all reasonable growing conditions.
  • You can expect it to flower between 8 to 10 weeks.
  • It can grow very leafy if not provided with the right environment and not cured properly.


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