Dutch Treat

dutch-treat-MG-3-1024x674Lineage: Northern Lights X Skunk #1 X Haze

Flowering Time: 60 days

Height: 150 cm

Yield: 115 – 230 grams

Growing Difficulty: Easy


This is an indica dominant strain that is created in the west coast of the Canadian Province of British Colombia. It has piney forest and citrus scent with a sweet taste and a hint of eucalyptus. The plant can grow short and bushy reaching the height of 150 centimeters. It produces dark green leaves that are wide while the buds are covered with resin that makes it sticky. It also contains golden hairs that come out when the plant matures.

It can provide a euphoric and soaring effect that can cause laziness and tiredness. Yet, this will not cause couch lock instead it will just relax the body. With the rush of its euphoric effects, it can be used in uplifting moods making it useful to people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. It can also help people fall asleep that can help in combating insomnia. It has the ability to boost up appetite making it an ideal strain for anorexia and other eating disorders.

The strain can be grown for both indoor and outdoor environment yet it is better that you use soil and hydroponics in order to improve the yield. You should think of providing the strain with support and put a net during the growing process. When planning to grow it outdoors, make sure that the climate is warm.



It can provide a warm sensation in the body, from head to toe, that can make you feel floaty.

It can make the users feel lazy and tired but will not put them to couch-lock.

It has an instant head-rush accompanied by a numbing body high.


Medical Attributes:

It can help patients cope up with stress, anxiety, and depression.

It can help relieve aches and pains.

People who are suffering from insomnia can take advantage of using the strain.

It can calm nausea and can also improve appetite perfect for people with anorexia.

It is recommended for patients with arthritis, ADHD, PTSD, and migraines.



It can cause dry mouth and dry eyes as well as occasional headaches, dizziness, and paranoia.


Growing Dutch Treat Tips:

  • The strain requires gardening skills making it not suitable to novice growers.
  • It prefers an indoor environment and ready to harvest in 8 to 9 weeks.
  • It is necessary that you support the plant when growing and cover it with net.
  • It can thrive well when grown indoors using soil and hydro mediums.
  • You can also grow the strain outdoors as long as there is a warm type of climate.



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