Cotton Candy Kush

cotton candy strainLineage: Afghani Kush X Blueberry

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Height: 100 – 180 cm

Yield: 400 – 500 g/m2

Growing Difficulty: Moderate


The strain was created in Vancouver Canada by crossing Afghani Kush and Blueberry. It has an earthy smell with spicy flavor and notes of pine and exotic fruit. You will notice a distinct sweetness of the strain where it got its name. The plant can grow to medium height when grown indoors and can grow up to 2 meters in an outdoor environment. It has short leaves that are light green in color that will eventually turn into dark green as the plant matures. The buds are coated with resin and look fluffy that becomes denser when harvest time is approaching.

The effects of the strain can provide relaxation that can put a smile on your face. It can uplift your moods making it suitable when dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety. You will also feel the creepy effects in your head before it spread out.

People make use of the strain in dealing with behavioral and psychiatric problems like ADD, PTSD, and ADHD. It can also help people who have insomnia and can be an effective pain reliever. Cancer patients can also take advantage of using the strain.

The plant can be grown for both indoor and outdoor environment. It is a good idea if you will place it in Sea of Green and trim the plant for better results. Growing it outdoors requires a sunny climate. Providing support to the strain is necessary to prevent it from collapsing.



It produces a relaxing high that can make you feel happy rather than experiencing couch-lock.

It provides a calming body high that is accompanied by cerebral effects, euphoria, and elevated moods.

Users experience an uplifting state of euphoria.

You can feel strong waves of pressure in your forehead that goes to your sinuses.

The indica effects are creepy in the head and will spread all over the body.

It can offer a very relaxing stone.


Medical Attributes:

It is recommended to patients suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression.

The euphoric effects can ease stress and pain away.

It can also be an effective treatment for behavioral and psychiatric disorders like ADD, ADHD, PTSD and bipolar disorder.

It can act as a sleeping aid for people who have insomnia.

People can use it to keep themselves away from cancer.



It can cause dry mouth and dry eyes as well as dizziness and paranoia.


Growing Cotton Candy Kush Tips:

  • It responds well to indoor cultivation using Sea of Green method while trimming the plant.
  • It is also possible that you grow the strain outdoors as long as there is a hot and sunny climate.
  • You need to provide support for the plant when it starts to stretch tall.


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